We Collaborate With the World for the Health of Everyone in It.


Driven by our commitment to patients, Janssen Biotech, Inc., brings innovative products, services and solutions to people in order to prolong and improve patient lives on a global scale. It’s a responsibility that each of us answers to every day.

Since 2009, our focused strategy has enabled Janssen Biotech, Inc., to introduce 14 novel therapeutics and 35 new indications in major markets for existing medicines, all of which provide important new treatment options across a multitude of serious life-changing illnesses.

The pathways to pursuing improvements in science and health continue to change. The commitment that Janssen Biotech, Inc. has toward finding the most meaningful solutions for people’s lives remains steadfast.

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“We have unprecedented
opportunities and
in science and
medicine that require an
unprecedented approach.”

Joaquin Duato
Worldwide Chairman,
Johnson & Johnson